Dream Costume?

Must be, if it's sold as such...

And here we got something that's advertised as many different things at the same time, but it's definitely not a belly dance costume: click here

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Non Matching Stuff

Why would a dancer want a bra and a belt that do not match (I'n not going to say anything about the craftmanship...)

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This is being sold as 'super' belly dance costume!

After a little break (busy with preparations for a show) I found a few new things for you people. What about this one:

The hat thingy, wouldn't those strands whack the dancer in the face?

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Red Costume

This one could have been much better if the bra cups weren't accentuated by that line and if that big fringe wasn't there.

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Return of the Crochet Costume

I have seen nice crochet costumes (yes they do exist), but this...

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Glitterdot and Coins

Yes it got a matching belt..

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Little Collection

With thanks to the people from the orientaldancer.net forum, they always find the best:

Last bit not least, a youtube video with a rather painful costume, click here wait till about half way the video to see the crazy costume.

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Belly Dance Handkerchief

Another weird belly dance accesory:

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Opinions Please

It's not very clear on the picture, but those things are stones:

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Lobster Claws

Another addition for the bouillabaise troupe?

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El Cheapo DeLuxe

I cringe when I see nipple fringe! This is a fine example again:

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Cowry Shell Costume

Isn't this thing a bikini instead of a belly dance costume?

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Another Underwear Costume

And bad fitting as well. Why the wings?

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Not Sure

What do we think about this one? I don't like the el cheapp fabric of the skirt and the belt bit is weird too. The bra is ok minus the mardi gras beads

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Not only does the bra look strange in shape, but what is it with those love hearts? And the non matching gold fringe?

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