I found this on EBay, I'm not sure what it is, might be a bat? Just joking; this is probably a skirt and top which will look perfectly normal if it was show on a model

If you need something for Halloween, this is the thing! It even comes with tiny skull (although I don't know if that's actually part of the costume)

Courtesy of Zohra

Are you OK? Your eyes hurt a bit now? You just got to be brave, because there is more. The lovely belt got recycled chaps on them and a recycled fishnet:

The bra is a lingerie bra with all the original straps in tact. I wonder if the designer put glue on the bra and threw it in the bin to see what random objects would attach:

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Wrinkly Costume

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Green Unfinished Costume

Maybe the non matching bra back straps are a repair, but they do not match, and the sequins they used for this costume are huge. But I guess someone could use it to make something new out of the fringe. (and if you did not notice yet: there are two golden dots in the middle of each cup)

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Listed on EBay as belly dance item:

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Apparently this is a costume, it's more students' practise gear I think

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Another unfinsihed bra (look at the straps, they are the original lingerie straps) and the straight line does not look too good:

Is it me or does it scream 80's to you too?

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Flowers as Targets

Of course these ones surface every now and then...

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Maybe This One Can Be Saved?

If the applique at the center of the belt can be removed? I find this picture actually quite funny for the background:

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This Could Work

Without the weird embellishments

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When a Good Idea Goes Wrong

The fabric they used is really nice, but the belt on this skirt looks quite unfinished, maybe if it's worn by a model it would look different

But the bra is totally unfinished, the original straps have not been replaced and covered with fabric. And the bra just, well, looks like a regular bra and not a costume bra:

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Return of the Belly Dance Bathing Suit!

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These costumes look cute, but I heard that the belt is not decorated at the back:

The sequins used are really big, and they sell these only in small sizes:

But otherwise I think it's a nice costume, if they could use smaller sequins and decorate the back as well.

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What Are These Embellishments Meant to Be?

Birds? Baby brontosauri? Not only are those weird embellishments, the whole thing looks a bit strange:

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Unfinished Business

Bra straps not covered and even the belt is left uncovered:

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Hammer Time

Discovered by Karnak Klaire

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Good Design Gone Wrong

There are several things I think could have been done better with this one:
-the mesh above the bra will not last long when it has to hold the bra in place
-is it me or do I see a question mark in that mesh?
-the black stripe in front of the skirt isn't nice, just the two in on the sides are enough (I hope there is not one at the back...)
-the cups are two different colors, for some costumes that works, not for this one

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Belly Dance???

The Buddha is not amused... This was on EBay listed as belly dance costume...

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Not Belly Dance but Very Weird

Weird dance shoes:

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Deadly Costume

They probably wanted to go for a native American look, but ended up puting animal body parts on the costume. Hmmm, maybe this should have been a Halloween cossie?

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Thanks Zohra for finding this gem!

This really doesn't need any comment...

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"Glamorous Gypsy Costume"

According to the vendor, "add a bikini top for a non sleazy dance costume."

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Belly Dance Undies?

Sold with the tag 'belly dance' as well as 'burlesque'. Looks like this is just a lingerie set adored with a few beads, if belly dance costumes are that easy to make, maybe I should start up a business!

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Just a Classic Example of a Bad Costume

"For $245 you get a hat, lots of cheap trim, an uncovered bra, and the potential for raks beaver. How can you resist?" Zohra

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Appliques Meet Belly Dance Costume

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Build-in Sword?

Or something worse? I really don't get these designs.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

Remember the movie? Well maybe this was what they made in that button factory...

"Apparently this $95 bra is the "perfect gift" for belly dancers. Just look at that fine craftsmanship. See how the buttons with 4 holes were sewn on only using two? That means quality!" Karnak Klaire

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Odd, Very Odd...

I have no idea if this is a belly dance bra, or something else, but I had to share it:

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Construction Mistake

Sometimes designers don't think about what a costume will look from a distance. In this case the bra cups look like they are being held by (weird) hands. This construction also gives the illusion that the cups are not on the same level:

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Unfinished Business

Looks like the maker of nr 139 was in such a hurry to sell it that he/she didn't even finished it.

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"I think the idea has potential, but I bet someone will but this appliqué and hot glue it to a bra and call it a costume." Karnak Klaire

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New Trend?

The latest trend in Egyptian costumes is the 'sparkle fart':

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No this is not a muppet!

"It is pasties and um... something else. (It looks like a shuttlecock, but I know that's not right!) It's being sold as Las Vegas belly dance costume."
Karnak Klaire

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Eye Test

This looks more like an eye test for the colorblind than a costume. Look at the long bra strap syndrome it's suffering from:

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Leafy Costume

So what has gone wrong with this one? There is just so much it takes a moment to get over the shock: first the cups are flat, the flowers or leaves or whatever those are are done rather badly, the connection between the cups might pop, the shoulder straps are placed at a weird spot and there is a wall of fringe (that seems to go all around the body of the dancer)

But wait: there is more to this beauty! It comes with matching belt. It looks like there is only fringe at the left side, don't worry, there is camouflaged fringe on the right...

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