Hypno Boobs

That was it for this year. I wish you a happy new year and wonder what beauties next year will bring!

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This Annoyed Me, But Not Anymore :)

ETA: there are bra's, see comments underneath this post :)

I think this is pretty (needs underskirt), but these are all over EBay and without a matching bra. There are heaps of other designs (these come from China) and never something matching. Or a bra, with not belt.

In this picture there is a top, but the seller does not offer them. I wonder what the front looks like. If it's nice, I think it could be a pretty set!

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You know there is...

trouble in the belly dance world when a seller nearly has 500 feedbacks for things like these:

This last picture reminds me of one of these freaky things from the movie 'The Village':

If it turns around this is the front:

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Kids Costume?

Apparently it is, but who would do this to their child, to buy something horrible like this for them:

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The bra is a cool concept, not sure if it wouldn't tangle while dancing.

But the skirt!

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Merry Christmas

Ho, ho, ho, here comes Santa Belly!

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Another costume that is pretending to be a Bella, again EBay Germany

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I ordered a Bella!!!!

I will post pictures when it arrives, not telling anything about the details, will be a surprice!

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Something very strange happened: this post dissapeared so I edited it, not sure if this is the same picture as I originally posted though:

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This combination will definitely tangle badly. Close up it looked bad quality to me, shame Blogger does not allow to post these bigger

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In my opinion, but maybe some might have other thoughts? I think the hip part does not match and that makes it look very strange to me. But the thing in general screams 'Me Tarzan, you Jane' to me.

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This I would have bought if the bra would fit:

Blogger wouldn't let me upload these pictures bigger, shame because the beadwork is amazing:

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Messy Costume

It might not look that bad if you see it like this:

But it does in this picture!

and an uncovered lingerie bra

It has been cleverly matched so the uncovered bra isn't that noticeable.

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Good Condition?

It's said to be in 'good condition' but I doubt this is nice when new. What can be changed to save this I wonder.

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Strange 'landing strip':

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the Chinese Costumes

Seem to be getting a bit better:

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Beautiful Costume

Something from Dahlal, shame their pictures are so small, it is hard to see the details even in the bigger versions
By the way, this costume is on sale :)

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Here We Go Again

"This is sure to get you noticed in your performance! This black bra base features a beautiful small tribal belt as accent"

Yes you will get noticed... Where is the small tribal belt?

"Simply a beautiful bra that captures the quirky attitude of any fusion dancer and will bedazzle any audience."

I just got bedazzled by looking at that picture.

"Cup fits anywhere from large B to small D"

Of course because a B cup and a D cup are nearly the same.

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Take them off and it's a perfectly acceptable top:

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"Professional Belly Dance Costume"...

From EBay Germany...

That thong would hurt I guess...

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Costume Making

I am currently busy with a new costume, this is a part of it. Beading of this bit took ages!

You can follow the whole diary on Facebook with explanations on how to decorate a bra etc. I am a bit slow in updating though!

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The bra can be saved, but the belt? There is a huge 'target' on it:

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Beautiful Beading

I saw this Eman for sale and loved it, shame it's a too light pink for my skin tone (I glow in the dark) and the bra not in my size. Look at the beading:

There was however something a little dissapointing, but fixable: the lining is glued on:

I am not sure if all Emans have that. I wonder if there is lining in the skirts. I am very particular with lining, I love beautiful lining, it's weird, it's not even visible! But it gives such a professional finished look.

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Upside Down

This is only useful for harvesting sequins and beads. One of my dancer friends does that, buys these kind of awful costumes and makes something nice out of the materials!

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What is this?

Can anyone figure it out, I can't

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This THING was discovered by LunaXJJ, I just can't get over the sheer stupidity of this creation!

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Seriously? Belly dance?

Ruffle butt pants. Not belly dance!

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Angry Bra

Some bras have facial expressions and this one doesn't look too happy. The funny thing is that this bra was created by someone who calls him or herself 'the bald parrot', I'd rather say that would be a very angry parrot and he wants his feathers back!

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