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It is not a belly dance costume but it could easily be used as one. I love it! Only down factor is the price.... over a $1000

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There's something very disturbing about this one! If you want to know what people thought, read here and scroll down a bit for the comments...

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It has a 'crassel' (crotch tassel) but I don't think this is such a bad costume actually. Just more that it has been made a bit cheaply and the tassels are too big.

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"Sexy Hippie 70's Women Belly Dancer Beaded Crochet Fringe Mini Skirt Top" 

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Not Belly Dance

But just had so share :-) how weird is this top! 

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Multiple Purpose!

These are both listed as 'professional costume' and as 'sexy nightie costume': 

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Shower Curtain

"Does this skirt remind anyone else of a shower curtain or is it just me?" 

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"Belly Dancer Costume/ Blue Harem Girl Costume"

Because it does not matter what you call it, it is all the same, isn't it? 

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Dress and Bikini

According to seller:

"New Sexy high quality Belly Dance Costume. It's elegant .It's opened from both sides (not sewed) It's delicately decorated with coins ,beads & sequins by EGYPTIAN hand, to ensure quality & durability. Make your performance comfort and style"

Oh, and this comes with two gifts, not sure if I want to know what they are.

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Belly Dance Costume?

Why do some sellers feel so compelled to sell mermaid costumes as belly dance costumes? It is not easy to belly dance in water!

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"I didn't know our costumes were incomplete until this seller told me this was perfect for belly dance. Oh, and burlesque, Las Vegas, cosplay, Burning Man, Halloween, Fantasy Fest, and Mardi Gras. It's a multi-purpose garment, don'tcha know."

Not only is this just weird as belly dance costume, but it is weird as mermaid costume as it has a flat tail just hanging off it. And why do some sellers feel the need to show off bum cheeks?

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Butt Ugly Hip Scarf

This is, I think, the most ugliest hip scarf in existance! And I have seen a lot of questionable ones...

Reaction on Orientaldancer.net by Aniseteph on this special hip scarf:

"Now that tweaks my forensic dressmaking analysis circuits. Just say (I'm not saying it's right, it's just a hypothesis) that you thought it'd be a great idea to have a hipscarf with peekaboo cutouts on the butt. Even I would not feel the need to piece together cheap-ass polyester chiffon to do it. Surely you'd go nuts and use a whole piece rather than put a wonky seam down the back. And don't tell me it's an attempt to add an Egyptian butt-cupping shape, because then you'd use a fabric where the seam wasn't so obtrusive. Not chiffon with a beaded pattern over. I vote that's a recycled blouse. Them's armholes. Now I can also see where you might have a piece of absolutely gorgeous fabric in a top that didn't fit you, so you might do something ill-advised with it. But then you'd hide it in your Stash of Fail in case you ever found something smaller that the fabric would work for. This is not that fabric. IMO they had a whole load of chiffon tops that won't shift or have some horrible defect, and they are desperate to do something other than bin them. Most craptastic excuse for a hipscarf EVAH"

I agree, the worst one so far!

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"Magic Gypsy Skirt"

Or magic granny panties?

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"Looks like the bra is melting"

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Upside Down

And not finished 

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Dead Moss

"If there were only more dead moss and rocks with plastic flowers I'd be willing to invest $30 in the most cheap and boring looking dance bra ever made" Jane

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More Opinions Please

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