Not Handmade

Again a seller on Etsy who is cheating! These bras are all over EBay...

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"Belly Dance Geisha Headband"

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Things on Etsy need to be handmade by the seller. This is just one of those cheap costumes you can find on EBay!

But that's not the worst offence, the seller claims this is a vintage piece!

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Tribal Choker

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These things are tagged 'belly dance'. Now would a fusion dancer wear this?

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I think this is well made and quite pretty, but $600? Although the big crassel has to go. I'm not a fan of this half corset kind of top, it would be nicer if the top was a bit shorter.

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"This unique bra features a colorful take on tribal fusion."

Yes it does...

"As and extremely colorful and COMFY dance bra, this piece stands out in a sea of black and goth style costuming. A definite show stopping piece. you WILL stand out in the best possible way!"

Yes you will strand out, but not sure if in the best possible way.

"Can be used from anything to eccentric casual wear to professional performances and beyond! Slightly used, I have performed in it once, but no signs or wear are visible."

Only performed in it once? Why was that? Too eccentric maybe?

"official size 34-D, but can fit anything from 36-C to 36-D. Also, it can always be adjusted"

Beware when sellers say the bra can fit different sizes. If it's a 34D, you can not fit it as 36D!

But what really intrigues me is the rainbow-star-of-David. Why?

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Belly Dancers' Hat

The description is funny too: "Mini hat with erotica veil" And the manequin looks so droopy!

Btw what is an erotica veil? Sounds freaky.

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Beautiful Costume!

This is Zaheea Anan. I love her costume, the colors and the jewelry on the costume. I wish there was a close-up of this costume, I am really curious what beading was used. Have a look at her gallery, heaps of more pretty costumes there!

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I feel like emailing this seller. How on earth can you sell something like this? It's not even half finished. It makes us all look bad, as if we dancers buy a bra and slap some decorations on it :(

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The Price

Nothing wrong with this belt, just the price: $300!

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Bustle Belt

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It's Looking At You!

Take a look from a distance.... this bra has eyes.

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Nit Picking?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just nit picking. In this case it's a $150 bra that bugs me. For that price I expect the stitchings to be good, I don't want to see stitchings at all. It's so easy to create a bra like this (which is otherwise a totally ok bra) without all those visible stitchings. But this has obvioulsy been done under a machine and quickly too.

It's already coming loose at the back band:

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This One Is Special!!!!

The panties!!!!

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Me Tarzan, You Jane

Advertised as belly dance COSTUME!!!! If it had a bra, maybe Dina might buy it

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Beautiful Costume!

Here is a costume I love, I would have bought it if it was my size:

This was a custom order by Michelle from Bella, look at the colors combinations:

Visit Michelle's Website

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A lot is going on here, Egyptian motifs, tribal fusion stuff and WTF? Animal tails!

But this same seller got one good tribal fusion costume for sale:

I just don't get it, she can make good stuff, so why make something rediculous. There is more, I'll post that another time.

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Get a bra, slap on some left over pieces from old jewelry and use an old belt...

Oh and we've got some old shell necklace left and lets hang that on there as well

And we've got an $85 costume! It's not even worth for the materials...

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Belly Burlesque...

All I see are some upcycled undies. Don't get me started on belly-burlesque, I have heard that some dancers have created some good belly-burlesque fusion, but the problem is that burlesque adds to an imagine we are trying so hard to get rid of. Nothing wrong with burlesque on it's own, but please keep it seperate.

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Belly dance? Uhm, ever seen a belly dancer? A real one?

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Totally misleading, this was listed as: "Tribal Belly Dance costume wig Braided Hair Extensions hairfalls hair accessories custom color Wow"
but looking at the listing a bit closer, it's not for the 'costume' it's the braids! A case of bad advertising!

I think the braids are pretty cool for tribal!

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Yeah, uhmmm

Apparently this is a "Belly Dance Costume Exotic Custom Recycled Silk Hip Belt/Skirt", but where is the bra, I mean, if this is a costume, it would have one, wouldn't it?

Ah well, I doubt I want a bra like that, and i certainly don't want a fuzzy belt. (or was that a Muppet?)

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Hip Scarf

This looks like an El Cheapo hipscarf, but it has a surprice...

Air holes for the bum cheeks!

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Beautiful Costume Again!

I think she's wearing the belt the wrong way around though. The overlap is in the front. This is a Pharaonics.

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The rushing on the dress is intricate and beautifully done (picture doesn't how up big in this blog), but the colors, ouch my eyes!

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I did my best to try to see a tribal belly dance outfit here, but just can't.

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I have a feeling something can be done with this to fix it. The coins on the bra need re-arranging, and the belt is just too small.

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Labeled 'belly dance', but what IS this?

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I Want One!

Is this the latest hottest trend from Egypt?

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