This was probably advertised with a boa because otherwise the top and skirt would be plain, but why a boa? Why not a nice belly dance belt. The top and skirt are totally ok, but the boa gives it all a really weird look.

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We wish you a 'merry belly dancer'!

Santa belly dance costume:
This one was found by Klaire

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A classic from a couple of years ago:

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Theme Costumes

1001 dalmatians?

Another American belly dance costume:

This one is from a seller who has absolutely georgious costumes fro sale, but there was this one costume where the belt looked like it had fish on them, not just fish, but they are chasing something and eating it.

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Ghostly Manequin

If the costume doesn't frighten you, the manequin will, take a good look: her skin seems to peel and wrinkle. I guess someone tried to attach a head to a headless manequin and this was the result, it just doesn't work.

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Blue and White

Here we go again: nipple adornments, nipple fringe and just an overall UBDC-ness:

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Rose Overdose

I will not comment on the rest of the design, that speaks for itself, but what is up with those roses? Attack of the killer roses?

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Can Anyone Explain? Please!

While browsing the internet, I came across this masterpiece:

Yes indeed, I was thinking the same: what on earth is that? Since the thing was placed on the aria of the manequin where normally a head would be, I asume it's a head dress. But it looks more like a bird cage.

Of course it comes with a weird bra, maybe the thing would fit better on a real person, but I doubt it.

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This is a very busy costume, with things that don't really match. In this case the asymetrical bit on the belt doesn't work.

And there seems to be something going on at the top of the cups, like threads running over the sequins. And why is there space for an extra boob in the middle?

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Very Strange Garment

Being sold as belly dance costume, sure isn't a belly dance costume, but WHAT is it?

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The Famous Corn Costume!

This is one of the most famous 'what were they thinking' costumes. Adorned with miniature corn cobs nicely arranged so they look like nipple flowers...

Thanks to Saidah

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Here we go again: what to do with left overs from old costume projects:

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80's revisited?

Those sequins on the dangly bits look so 80's to me! I think the design with the skirt-bra connection is not very flattering and the split is dangerously high on that tight skirt!

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Made out of cartboard?

This bra looks so flat and stiff it could be made out of cartboard:

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Hearts and Mardi Gras Beads

Does this need any comment?

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Unfinished Professional (?!?) Costume?

So this is what the thing looks on the front side. It's being sold as professional belly dance costume, it got a few weird elements: nipple tassles of course, a line to accent around the cups, a stretchy massibe belt and...... scroll down

This is the backside! Not finished, not even hemmed, although I suppose it should be stitched close to avoid bum-looker accidents.

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The Birds

No comments needed I think....

Now I looked that these again, I think the birds are not even made that nicely.

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A belly dance and a latin dance costume, both attacked by frills:

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First of all I never understand the use of peacock feathers, they will break off or get messed up after a while. But this does not only have feathers, it also got cheap trim, plastic fringe and some left over rhinestones. It will look ok from a distance though I think.

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Totally Weird

This bra just looks so weird with that christmas garland swirling around the cups:

Once more, the butterfly is called upon to grace a dancers private parts. Oh look, maybe he will fly up and land on the nipple flower as the other breast says...Checkers anyone?
Or maybe the costume is supposed to remind people of a picnic?

Thanks to anne

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Pretty Costume, but How Do You Wear This?

There is just that one cut-out on a place that could better not have a cut-out:

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Yellow Creation

First of all it's never a good idea to stitch sequins on a bra in this strange way:

But are they sequins? They looks so weird and metallic

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This one is just poorly made. One thing I cannot stand is a decoration around the bra cups so the bra starts to look like a lingerie bra. And a belt should never be that big!

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Red and White

We're getting closer to Christmas and you can see that in costume design....

So what went wrong here? At first it seems, not so much. But if you see the detais...

But take a closer look. It's basically just a few appliques trown together and some cheap trims.

And of course the ruffles have been put there so the belly dancer with a cold can just go to perform and doesn't have to worry about her nose

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This one is obvious, it's nipple-tastic, colors don't match, it's badly made and I fear those bra straps!

Here is a case of good design gone wrong: with another skirt this is actually a very pretty design. The stripey bit of skirt under the belt doesn't work, but the swirly bit at the botton takes away the attention from the bra and belt.

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Not only is this a bit of a strange pattern, but why this one sparce fringe bit on one boob?

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