Tip to avoid EBay disaster Costumes


Of course! There's a lot of crap here, but some really good stuff, too. Watch out for the costumes that are made up of coin bras & panties (?!??!?!?!), the ones that are basically halloween costumes, and the ugly pointy-boobed ones. I always read the feedback on the seller and look to see if anyone is bidding on any of their items. You'll find the most stuff by searching under "belly dance" or, if you want to narrow the list, try "belly dance hip scarf" "belly dance costume" "belly dance veil" etc. Sometimes you'll find other things by spelling it all together as one word (bellydance) or a variation (bellydancer, bellydancing, belly dancer, belly dancing)

This tip comes from: http://www.bellydancestuff.com/links.html

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