Butt Ugly Hip Scarf

This is, I think, the most ugliest hip scarf in existance! And I have seen a lot of questionable ones...

Reaction on Orientaldancer.net by Aniseteph on this special hip scarf:

"Now that tweaks my forensic dressmaking analysis circuits. Just say (I'm not saying it's right, it's just a hypothesis) that you thought it'd be a great idea to have a hipscarf with peekaboo cutouts on the butt. Even I would not feel the need to piece together cheap-ass polyester chiffon to do it. Surely you'd go nuts and use a whole piece rather than put a wonky seam down the back. And don't tell me it's an attempt to add an Egyptian butt-cupping shape, because then you'd use a fabric where the seam wasn't so obtrusive. Not chiffon with a beaded pattern over. I vote that's a recycled blouse. Them's armholes. Now I can also see where you might have a piece of absolutely gorgeous fabric in a top that didn't fit you, so you might do something ill-advised with it. But then you'd hide it in your Stash of Fail in case you ever found something smaller that the fabric would work for. This is not that fabric. IMO they had a whole load of chiffon tops that won't shift or have some horrible defect, and they are desperate to do something other than bin them. Most craptastic excuse for a hipscarf EVAH"

I agree, the worst one so far!

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