Here is a costume to provoke your thoughts:

Daimona From Orientaldancer.net had some ideas:

Things I would do to make this costume more to my taste:
1) Move all the eye dots on the bra to the other side of the bra than the drape more or less parallel to the edge continuing the line of the drape into and S-shape (no more crossed eye effect).
2) I'm not too sure about the beige/goldish beading along the edge of the bra. I see they designer are trying to repeat some of the colors in the zebra. Maybe use red along one of the boobs and silver along the edge of the other.
3) I'm not too fond of the circle cut-outs, so either make the gauntlet more fitted by the wrist or make it as short as the other upper arm band.
4) Add some more red draped beads (is this what one may call swag?) on the skirt as well as 5 or 7 eyed dots at the buttom (sparkle farts!).
5) Add a beige or red veil and red nail polish. 

I agree,  also two non matching arm things is a bit busy for that fabric. This sort of fabric kind of easily overtakes the dancer, so less is more I think, I can see it working as totally non embellished except for the flower on the hip (and maybe the bra flower) as accent, so really minimalist (and ditch the arm things)

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