More beach wear than belly dance bra, according to me! Without the strange sideways fringe and with a bra incorporated this could maybe be a tribal bra?

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  1. 1001Nightmares, on June 12, 2009 at 1:40 AM said:

    "Oh honey, happy birthday!!"
    "Thank you, Aunt Reba! It's... lovely..."
    "Grandma told me you were into bellydancing now and I found this darling crochet bikini pattern..."
    "...ah..." . o O (Who the heck wears crochet bikinis??)
    "...and little Joanie added the fringe..."
    "Good for her..." . o O (oh god)
    "..So you'll wear it at your next performance, won't you?"
    " course..." . o O (ACK!)