This one belongs to Karnak Klaire! And there is a beautiful story she told about it:

"So, this is the hideous galabeya I "won" on eBay. It's actually sequins (poorly) sewn on silkscreen. Many people who saw it suggested that I take the sequins of the feet off, but then they see the gold ink and say, "Well, the top half looks nice." Someone even suggested I cut it and make a shirt! It is a great conversation starter!

(Now, I bought it because of a link placed on this tribe because it was so ugly I couldn't pass it up - and I figured that my costumes would look beautiful by comparison. The unfortunate thing is that when it came in the mail I realized that it had never been washed! So, not only did I have to replace the missing beads and sequins, but I had to wash the darn thing over half a dozen times and lint-roll it even more. Be careful when buying ugly things on eBay!)"

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