Cool Halloween Costume

My friend Anala from made this super cool Halloween costume with wiggly eyes. Imagine how they move with shimmies! There is a story behind this costume, please read :)

"It started something like this: I am sitting at a "Haflaween" a year or so ago, watching performers in their crazy Halloween / bellydance costumes. And something, some piece of music, made me think of putting wiggly eyes on a belt.

Flash forward a year or so, and my brother- and sister -in- law play a joke on my mother- and father- in law while they are out of town. They sneak into the house and put wiggly eyes EVERYWHERE. On the fridge when you open it. On switchplates. On the toilet lid when you lift it. It was hilarious.

And I just *had* to make a costume with them. Had to.

So, step one was figuring out how to attach them. For a while, I had some idea (crazy) about quilting them down under tulle. That wouldn't work -- it would make them hard to see from a distance. So, I thought about some kind of clear plastic, lightweight, but like contact paper that would seal them to the fabric.

You get really strange looks from the clerks at fabric stores describing a problem like that.

But, bless the ladies at Hancock, they have a sense of humor. (Mental note, I owe them a trip with the finished product; I promised after all.)

The clerk there took me to the glue isle and really recommended Fabric Tack. I had Sobo and (something else) already; but, 3 is the charm. So, I took the Fabric Tack home for a glue test.

I had 3 dimensions for success:
1. dries clear
2. ease of application (can I control the squirt?)
3. how well does it hold?

Here are the 3 lined up. The fabric tack was the hands down winner.

Construction . . . and a LOT of fumes . . .were in my future."

You can see many more pictures here on facebook

Anala explained a bit more about the lining, because there is actually a joke in the lining:

"So, The liner fabric has owls on it. Winking owls, to go with the movement on the eyes outside. But, there is another aspect to the joke, if you dig a little. Owls say "hoot" (according to the English rendering), and owls are sometimes called hooters. But, "hooters" also means "boobs" in English slang, and there is a restaurant chain around here called "hooters" with an Owl logo. The restaurant features scantily clad buxom waitresses. So, despite a lifetime of being small busted, I have hooters -- and hooters on my hooters."

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