UBDC Showdown Part 1

Klaire from tribe.net put up some costumes for aUBDC contest. The contest is an on going thing, here are past results:

Which costume is uglier? The "winner" will advance to compete against uglier costumes!

Watch this week as the Champion, the Crotch-Pharaoh, takes on the Gassy Goddess! Who will be victorious?

Will the current reigning champion, the Crotch-Pharaoh, take the throne again? Will this week's challenger, the Amazing Amoeba, evolve to become the winner? (Thanks, Anne, for sharing the Amoeba costume first.)

Last week, the Amazing Amoeba usurped the Crotch-Pharaoh's winning streak to become the champion. Decide this week if Picasso at the Casino will crush the Amazing Amoeba!

Last week, Picasso at the Casino "messed up" the Amazing Amoeba and won Showdown 4. Who will win this week? Will Picasso at the Casino (found by Amulya) win again? Will Rainbow Fright (found by Sandra) prove to be a worthy challenger? Only you can decide!

Armed with nothing but a chicken foot, deck of cards, and beanie, Picasso at the Casino will try to defend the championship yet again. Wait! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s Captain Belly Dance, ready to fight for truth, justice, and all that is sparkly in the Ugly Belly Dance Costume Showdown!

If you like to become member of the 'What Where They Thinking Tribe' send me a PM at tribe (username: Amulya)

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