UBDC Showdown Part 2

Klaire from tribe.net put up some costumes for aUBDC contest and these are the results:

Amulya's find of Picasso at the Casino is up for the recording setting 4th round! (Even the mighty Crotch Pharaoh only made it 3 rounds!) This week, Picasso at the Casino will take on Omar and his Guitar (found by Huzzah). Will the chicken foot sequence appliqué triumph over the nagahide bikini, huge turban, and handlebar mustache? Only you will decide!

Round 8 is between Omar and His Guitar, last week's champion, and the Dominatrix Genie, the challenger. Omar was originally shared by Huzzab and the Genie was found by Najla. No one’s quite sure where Omar’s guitar is, but there are rumors that he keeps it in his turban. Regardless, Omar and his Guitar are a tag-team duo with lacy curtains and naugahyde in their arsenal. Will the Dominatrix Genie, who brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “master,” be a worthy challenger?

*note: of course that's a male model and not Omar Khorshid (you can listen to his music on http://www.radiobastet.com/ it's actually really nice music!)

Last week in the UBDC Showdown, Dominatrix Genie tied up her opponent, Omar, but can she clinch the title again? Psychedelic Rainbow Safari is ready to take her opponent on a dizzying trip to the African Bush! After ingesting some mushrooms she found growing on rhino poop, PRS developed cheetah-like speed and the ability to yodel in Technicolor! Can she defeat the Pink Master and make her call Uncle Ralph?

The Dominatrix Genie has dominated the competition and is still the master of the UBDC. Will the Heart Breaker be able to break the Genie’s spell?

Though cheap and tacky, the Heart Breaker is this week’s champion. The challenger is Handy Mandy! (The Heart Breaker was shared by Amulya and Handy Mandy was found by Frances

Amulya’s Crazy Crassel crept by last week and clobbered the competition. This week, the Champion will take on Kikster’s Liable Tribal! Bad tassels against bad tassels! Who will be triumphant?

In the yellow corner, Frances’ Handy Mandy is ready for the showdown. Handy Mandy isn’t unarmed – her secret weapons include plastic straps and beads that look like spores. The challenger this week, in the red corner, is Amulya’s Crazy Crassel! The Crazy Crassel plans to confuse the competition with her colorful crotch cling-on.

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