UBDC Showdown Part 3

This week’s challenge is between Liable Tribal (found by the Kikster) and the Patriotic Zebra (named by Sasha). Place your vote for which costume “wins” by writing a comment on the picture. Whatever costume gets the most votes will be declared the winner and will go on to the next round next Sunday.

Kikster's Liable Tribal is back again! Is Amulya's Mock Peacock* up for the challenge?

It was a close race last week, but Amulya's Mock Peacock triumphed! This week, the Mock Peacock will take on Christiana's Goofy Gaia! Will suggestive decoration made in sequins win? Or, will tree trimmings triumph?

*just for the record: I never called it Mock Peacock... It's more Mock Peacock minus the Pea... LOL

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