UBDC Showdown nr 5

Comentary by Klaire

The Suggestive Serpent (found by Sandra) has won again! This week (yes you can still vote), Tight Fright (found by Jill) will step up to the challenge.

It's was a hard competition, but the Suggestive Serpent won by more than just a head! (Puns by Lochana and Patricia C. Costume shared by Sandra.) This week , the Suggestive Serpent will take on Anne’s Beaded Briefs!

Sandra’s Suggestive Serpent made a sweeping victory last week in the Ugly Belly Dance Costume Showdown! This week, the Suggestive Serpent will compete against the Tarah Van Wyk’s Scandalous Sperm. As usual, place your votes by this Saturday and the winner will move on to the next round!

Is the Suggestive Serpent wearing an oddly decorated Costume, or is she just happy to see that she's in the Showdown? The Suggestive Serpent was found by Sandra. Eye Claudius is back for the 4th week, and was originally shared by Feiruz.

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