Vintage Upcycled

"The centrepiece of this upcycled gypsy costume is a maroon belly dancer's hip wrap loaded with heavy gold coin bangles and a serious jangle. I've put this together with a vintage 1980s see through navy silk chiffon blouse with a purple and glitter print and a long flowing dark brown rayon skirt with an Indian style print. Its up to you to supply a dark bra or bathing suit to complete this great party outfit. Size medium. "

At least the seller is honest about having randomly put this together.

"And when you're done with the party, you can always take up belly dancing with the brand new Belly Dancer dancer dvd set, (complete with finger cymbals... "

I suspect a belly dance try out sadly gone wrong. Maybe she purchased that belly dance kit and found you can't just learn it like that. But she also bought the hip scarf, maybe she did try classes. It seems it wasn't a good experience.

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